Barbara G. Price: «Students of IES Alhama visit to Gallery del Carmen»

The teacher of english,  Cristina and her colleague visited with 8 students, 7 young men and one young woman. She showed the students my webpage prior to their visit which was very helpful. I made a few introductory remarks, asked them to go through the show, talked about the theme, the materials I used, and my reason for limiting my choice of colors. They seemed to understand the motivation behind my choice. I found them to be intelligent, interested and ready to collaborate.

I then showed the a 2 meter by 125cm piece of canvas i had prepared for them, made the first few gestural marks with black paint and then turned it over to them, making suggestion where needed, showing them different ways to use the paints and painting tools. Most had a go at it, but when it came time to get their hands into all the paint they all participated and consulted with each other as they made their mark.

The end result is a very beautiful and sophisticated painting which responds very well to my paintings in the show. Two young men also chose to do an individual drawing. We all applauded each other.

I hope that Cristina will ask them to write a brief statement about the experience and to give me a list of their names. I will put the finished work on display Saturday the 9th.

Barbara Gillette Price

(P.S.: I have had many positive responses to our little VÍDEO. Thank you so much for initiating it)



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